Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Our lecturer wan us think 10 thing describe ourself~
10 thing~?!
Actually ~
i nvr know myself~
because i have forgetful like tsunami...
washed away the land's biological.

So that...

i ask my friend about my pesonality...

in her first impression...

i look like Sarai...

tall n thin~
then she tell me i oso look like
a clown~
because i very humour...

but the thing i know is i like sleeping n eating~

so an animal can describe me

is a pig~

For my bad habit...
the thing can describe me

is cook instant noodles...

becoz instant noodles juz need heat three minutes~

i will easy lost patient like a train~

i dun like waste my times on thing which not important~

Althrough i have not patient~

but i have my presistence for my dream~

like walk on the desert~

even endless on my way~

i will continue my journey~

In my family~

i am the elder sister~

so that i must take care my younger sister n brother...

like a butler~

want cover their thing ~

becoz it make a lot pressure for me~

it make me have a bad temper~

sometimes patience for too long...

i will like a

Erupt at any time...

The bird in a cage~

also a thing can describe me~

becoz my parent very strictly for me~

althrough i independent~

i already grown up...

my parent still wan to control me~

like a bird lost the freedom~

That's Me~

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