Thursday, September 9, 2010

WD1~How to?

1st idea~How to dress fashion

Who am I~ Fashion Designer
What is it~ Fashion dressing
What for~ Dress suitable for different place
1st task~ Choose the gender and the place you want to attend
2nd task~ Start make-up and dress
3rd task~ Capture your final dressing and rating by fashion Fairy
Outcome~ How we be a fashion and confident person

2nd idea~How to make a healthy breakfast

Who am I~ Author
What is it~ healthy breakfast
What for~ know how to choose healthy ingredient for your breakfast
1st task~  Choose the breakfast you prefer
2nd task~ Start buy the material follow the healthy menu
3rd task~ Prepare the breakfast follow the step
4th task~ Done and get more healthy tips
Outcome~ Have a healthy life!

3rd idea~How to make green

Who am I~ Environment Doctor
What is it~ Forest
What for~ Save the environment
1st task~ Plant the trees at the designated areas
2nd task~ Give the nature water(rain) and sun to make trees grown up
3rd task~ Arrest the logging workers and destroy the factory that exhaust the toxic (clean of river is very important for trees to absorb more water transit by the earth)
4th task~ Replant the trees and absorb the toxic from the river.
Outcome~ Go Green campaign

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