Saturday, January 8, 2011

WD2~Beautiful and useful website

i have found some beautiful commercial website that are creative~~
let check it out~~

-overall the layout and structure very nice~~~
-have interesting graphic and good hierarchy, type treatment~~
- the interesting on the website is the navigation can drag anywhere~~
- sub menu have interesting way to show it,
that have a cute animation to open the sub menu~~
- the overflow have creative way to make overall interesting~~
-the hierarchy of info quite good~~

- interesting graphic and collage style~~
- have different layout at different pages~~
make users no feel boring that the website try to use different visual to attract users.

- have different visual at different pages~~
- some fun animation~~

- different idea at some pages make whole website be creative~~



- nice design and typeface~~
-the equipment can drag anywhere~~

other website~~

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