Sunday, September 26, 2010

WD1~How to?sketches and digital looking

Here are the some part of sketches~
because i make my web page like the collage
so i try use digital to show the outcome looking.
the make up and figure i try use illus draw out and show that
is it match with my layout? 

Tips page-eye part

Task page-task2

Digital look
Task page-task 1


Friday, September 24, 2010

WD1~How to?Revise moodboard and sitemap

Tiffany say tat the sitemap content too complicated
so i deduct the gender choosing and focus on party girl dressing.
here i change the mood very femaleness fabric and title. 


Here will have some task and tips to show you how to choose the party dressing with different style.

-The most women often experience to pay attention when choosing the style which suitable for own personality.The wears with more needs are appropriate,reflect the taste.

-In the big party, big festivals, rave parties vigorously is clearly one of the most fun thing.Party makeup can make you the most at the party to be the most dazzling, the most charming heroine.

-Now people look up to teach you how to make shiny party of makeup, so that sudden changes in your audience focus point.Party makeup Declaration: I am beautiful, I shine, I was tonight's super queen! A look behind the effect of drastic change!

-task1~choose the style

-task2~ choose the best makeup according the tip given
~eye color makeup
~ mouth

-task3~ choose the best dressing follow the tip

-task4~ final result

~different eye makeup method

~Have different ways and comment can feedback here 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

WD1~How to? Wire frame

this is the wire frame of my web design...
juz simply grid for the important part...
the next step for web page sketches will upload soon~~

WD1~How to? Site map

click it to see full size
Now showing the site map for my project how to?
it will be fun for the task part, actually it will hv a fairy give some tip when the process of choose the make up and dressing.

the tips part will show the basic make up method and the dressing method.

WD1~How to? mood board

This is web design 1 class project1~How to? mood board
the idea had been choose is how to dress fashion...
After research more about the fashion and different dressing for different place...i have put some examples images in my mood board...

i decide use digital graphic for the content and use collage method for layout.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

WD1~How to?

1st idea~How to dress fashion

Who am I~ Fashion Designer
What is it~ Fashion dressing
What for~ Dress suitable for different place
1st task~ Choose the gender and the place you want to attend
2nd task~ Start make-up and dress
3rd task~ Capture your final dressing and rating by fashion Fairy
Outcome~ How we be a fashion and confident person

2nd idea~How to make a healthy breakfast

Who am I~ Author
What is it~ healthy breakfast
What for~ know how to choose healthy ingredient for your breakfast
1st task~  Choose the breakfast you prefer
2nd task~ Start buy the material follow the healthy menu
3rd task~ Prepare the breakfast follow the step
4th task~ Done and get more healthy tips
Outcome~ Have a healthy life!

3rd idea~How to make green

Who am I~ Environment Doctor
What is it~ Forest
What for~ Save the environment
1st task~ Plant the trees at the designated areas
2nd task~ Give the nature water(rain) and sun to make trees grown up
3rd task~ Arrest the logging workers and destroy the factory that exhaust the toxic (clean of river is very important for trees to absorb more water transit by the earth)
4th task~ Replant the trees and absorb the toxic from the river.
Outcome~ Go Green campaign

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WD1~ps and illus tutorial website

Hey~those are the research about ps and illus tutorial i pefer. 
Now show here for sharing and oso an assignment for web design 1 class.

Chinese Bamboo

final outcome


Vector Darts on Bullseye

Make a Delicious Sandwich with Easy 3D

Design a Cartoon Grunge Web Site Layout

Table top

final outcome

Colouring effects

Extra~best illus tutorial list~

idea planning?

1st thing want to think....

how to?
for food making ? for fun? for knowledges?

idea direction...fantasy? or realistic?

art direction...graphic, collage, start to think and research more~~