Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WD2~Redesign website interface

Now i show my redesign web interfaces~~stabilo~~
the style use more graphic combine with some collage~~
here my result~~

home page

product page

product info page

feature page

news page

ergonomics page

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WD2~Redo tutorial page

Finally finish de redo section~-.-
this time hav to try separate the background with the navigation bar and images~~
and oso add overflow and background-margin that learn last week~=3



Saturday, January 8, 2011

WD2~Grantt Chart and Sitemap

p/s:~Above layout no my final idea and concept juz try research more about more graphic combine some college style~:|

WD2~html and css code library

I have found some nice html library and css tutorial,oso java script~~
those are great work for enhance my html and css skill~~

WD2~Design tutorial

Some Photoshop skill tutorial in different style~~

-Create an Impactful Child Welfare Poster

 -Create a Dark and Grungy Digital Art Piece in Photoshop

-How to make simple gree wallpaper in photoshop

-Design Watercolor Effect Menu

WD2~Beautiful and useful website

i have found some beautiful commercial website that are creative~~
let check it out~~

-overall the layout and structure very nice~~~
-have interesting graphic and good hierarchy, type treatment~~
- the interesting on the website is the navigation can drag anywhere~~
- sub menu have interesting way to show it,
that have a cute animation to open the sub menu~~
- the overflow have creative way to make overall interesting~~
-the hierarchy of info quite good~~

- interesting graphic and collage style~~
- have different layout at different pages~~
make users no feel boring that the website try to use different visual to attract users.

- have different visual at different pages~~
- some fun animation~~

- different idea at some pages make whole website be creative~~



- nice design and typeface~~
-the equipment can drag anywhere~~

other website~~

Friday, January 7, 2011

WD2~Competitors' website

Here are some competitors' website of stabilo~

Competitors' website1--Crayola
- the style more suitable for it~
- color of layout can be improve,color too oldish~~
- in product pages,have interesting intro flash but the categories too balance.
- try different structure in different pages,but too more style treatment.

Competitors' website2--Faber Castell
- Classiss style layout and structures~
- good treatment on typeface and information~
- have images support make eyes-catching~
- the typo color can be better, some of type color too similar with background caused hard to read.

Competitors' website3--Pentel
- overall color no bad~
- structure of website still ok~
- type treatment can be better,too more space between the sub navig which at right side.
- the navigation will suddenly disable at some pages.
- have a good treatment on jump menu.

Competitors' website4--Pilot(Singapore)
- have a nice and cute background music and sound effect~
- nice layout and structure~
- have some fun animation button.
- nice typeface.
- the icon design can be improve.
- can try more color on information type, some pages of information too boring without any type treatment.

WD2~Redesign Commercial website- Stabilo

ok~~~this is the web design 2 project-redesign commercial website~~
My client is stabilo.
Bottom will show the pages that i have analysis.

~Home page~


~Categories of product page~

~product page~






-the site characteristic is colorful but:
-overall too squarlish~~
-layout too simple, no attract user to read it~~
-have graphic or image support but the treatment too common~~
-navigation too messy, easy confuse which are the main navig and sub navig~~